Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Ready To Feast

So... besides fresh fruit and flowers in my house there is one more thing that I have A LOT of, at all times. Candles. I love good smelling candles and normally as soon as I walk in the door I turn on some good tunes and light the candles. On days like this, when I plan on feeding the masses, I like to have something flickering while we eat, argue politics and religion, share embarrassing moments, run in circles after the children, dogs and cats, dance madly.... you get the gist.

So, I thought these were a really really simple idea, and I can use them again for summertime festivities. I just recycled some old candles and wrapped them with colored rope that I got for a dollar. I hot glued them in several places. Parker was able to help and it took 5 minutes. Pretty inexpensive. Pretty fast.
Stay tuned for some awesome recipes!!!!

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