Monday, May 24, 2010


Why did I choose today of all days to drag him outside, barefoot in the grass?

Maybe it's because we spend the afternoon wrapped up in blankets.
Maybe it's because I watched a wind gust past my fifth story window earlier that made me feel like I was Dorothy.
Maybe it's because we were under another tornado watch.
Maybe it's because there was snow flying 45 miles away from us.
Maybe because it's suppose to frost tonight.
Maybe it's because I'm cutting his hair tomorrow and I will miss it.
Maybe it's because he was in such a beautiful mood.
Maybe it was because the sun came out for a while this evening that made me believe it was summer.
Maybe I was afraid the blooms would blow off my first flowering tree and I would miss it.
Maybe it's because his smile and his twinkling eyes make a gloomy day so much better.
Maybe, just maybe... it was just because.

Oh.. I and did promise him he could jam out to one of his favorite songs:

Supermassive Black Hole, Muse

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