Sunday, May 2, 2010

Missed May Day

This is the first year in 10 years that I haven't made May Day baskets. (Yes, I made them before the little bird was around) But.... this weekend is my one and only of the year off. A couple days of catching up. A couple days of relaxing. A couple days of shopping. I get one weekend per year to be at home without any boys here, and to be honest, the quiet time has done me well. And the awesome massage from Karen at Belenova didn't hurt either.

I got to read a book (uninterrupted),

I got to take a bath (without a little bird knocking at the door wanting to tell me stories about how the T-rex defeated all the other dinosaurs at a scary horrible castle whilst befriending a fire breathing dragon.)

I had coffee with a great friend.....and some wine, a few glasses sitting in my living room and kitchen just like old times.

I watched a movie
I went to bed early.
I got up early and went for a drive

I miss my little bird though. I miss his chatter. I miss our bickering. I miss his stories. I miss his messy hair. I also miss his daddy.
So...I hope everyone had a Happy May day. Spring is here (even though it's been buried under the snow here!)

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