Monday, May 31, 2010

Royally Good Weekend

9 years ago I lived someplace else. Someplace that a native Wyomingite doesn't really like to admit (though I really don't mind.).....I lived in Colorado. For a year. (I can hear the gasps from the masses)

Out of college my husband and I moved to Colorado Springs, which at the time and is still, a booming, fast growing city. We were lucky enough to have moved into a community with a built in family of sorts. Some blood, some not. But since we were all so far away from our real families... we made our own. It's the place where we gathered for everything. (hence my love for feeding giant groups of people on a regular basis.) It's the place where we started things on fire (another time...), where there was heartache and happiness. To say the least, it was a beautiful place to start.

This weekend was the first time I have been back for 8 years and it's so amazing how it comes back to you (though parts are nearly unrecognizable!) I stayed with friends that truly make me happy to be around and I miss seeing them.

But, while I lived down south, there were a lot of things I didn't see while there (mainly because newly weds are normally kinda broke, and we were no exception.) So, this weekend, instead of going to aquarium (I'm sooo sorry I disappointed my kiddo.) I drug my family on an adventure. Which turned out to be a wonderful one at that!

We went to the Royal Gorge just south of Colorado Springs near Canon City. It was amazing. Though I will admit, I always find it strange that in America we are charged to see the natural wonders of the world. And, while I can visit the beautiful scenery...I can also ride a carousel and pet a donkey.

that's me an Park.... I thought it was pretty quick of me to catch us in the mirror as we were whirling by!

I love how lovingly he looks while being pet. He looks like he wants to kiss my kiddo!

I tried to point this out, to give you an idea of how big it is!.... the circle is the tram you can ride across (which of course I rode the tram!!!)

Most everything that was man made was built with this quartz.

This is what we rode to the bottom.

And, in Canon City there is a Winery. At an Abbey. God Bless those Nuns.

And this.... 8 years ago, he was a baby. And now, he was looking out for my baby. He slept in a cot next to him and protected him from all the things he hates. Thanks T. for being so great!!!

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