Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chick Food

September 20th

Now I know some of you will look and this and be completely revolted.........but to me this is my lunch often times in the fall when my tomato garden is bountiful. This is the greatest healthy snack in the universe. It's just fresh tomato slices with fresh mozzarella (the squishy gooey kind in the fresh cheese area in the grocery store, believe me it makes a big difference in taste.) Top it off with fresh basil. Now even though I live in the huge metropolis of Cheyenne, I cannot get fresh basil at a reasonable price so I had to suffer and just sprinkle some on. Also don't use old spices as they loose their flavor after a year or so and it will just taste like you sprinkled dirt on your fresh tomato. And if that's what you want then just don't bother washing it off after you pick it and you will get the same effect. Tomato lovers give it a'll love it!

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Louise said...

Love the photo Stacey! Try using bocconcini cheese with Good Seasons Italian dressing poured on top. It's delicious! Louise (muskokamom on mpix)