Thursday, September 13, 2007

A photographers child

September 13th

Sometimes all a mom wants to do is take a nice portrait of their child. Nothing fancy, but maybe a smile or two ....against a lovely hazelnut know...perfection basically.

This is how is goes around here. First off there is some crying and maybe some poking in of the eyes.

And then there may be some wailing of sorts. Sometimes screams.

Then, after a bribe of a cookie at some point in time I get a looked at a little but with still no commitment to smile.

And then after I dance a crazy mumbo jumbo dance and squawk like a chicken then I get this.....perfection...okay well almost, he's not looking directly at me, which is something I'm a really stickler about.

It's not really just my kiddo that's like this...all of them are and that's what I love about it. The challenge.....but sometimes I really do just love the non-smiling stare into your heart ones as well. But, today, non-smiling wasn't my goal.

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