Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Play Time

September 9th (again)

While I was out taking pictures of other people's children, grandma and grandpa got some quality time with my little one. They ate and played and sang and and read and counted and slept. A good time was had all around. We all went down to the new play park that Dave and Bev helped rebuild this past summer which turned out to be a hit with my kiddo. Before our second trip there I dragged them out for some pictures. Some people get tired of my camera, mostly family and I have to beg and plead and say "awwww come on, just one more"..... but it wasn't too bad this time. Parker found plums to keep him occupied and Grandma and Grandpa had a great time jumping up and down behind me trying to get him to smile. Which unless your a giant walking talking Elmo, he will never look at you.

The boys came home empty handed this year (as far as deer hunting is concerned.) Kevin had a wonderful time watching a racoon family though...oh and he scoped himself in the head (which I will get a picture of later). It's better than falling out of the treestand which I was completely expecting.

Notice the little dog squeezed up in the middle there. That's Toga. He's a little insecure sometimes and he needed attention too.

Now I can almost garantee that I will get grief over this one because I've yet to take a picture she likes of herself. I really like this one.

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