Monday, September 17, 2007

Garden Party

September 18th

It's that time of year to harvest the garden....or in our case the jungle. I don't normally pay too much attention to carrots, I plant them every year, but then just let them be. This year we got a few good ones. The wraskary rabbit that lives at our house would surely love to eat them, but the marigolds are keeping him out. He just sits in the yard outside the garden gates drooling over everything he could be eating. Now a garden party wouldn't be complete without some actual partying. Parker took care of that for me while he carefully picked the tomatoes he wanted to eat.

Oh and we also had to practice farm animal noises. He gets very excited about farm animals....especially cows.

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Annie said...

I loved looking at your blog. You take wonderful pictures. If our lives ever slow down a bit I would really like you to take some pictures of my kids and also a family picture. That pumkin cake looks good. I might have to try it.