Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some might say that I might have too many wool coats.

Some might say it's a little ludicrous and that I probably didn't need that last wool coat that looks remotely like 70's vintage carpet.

Some might say I need to scale down the amount of coats I own.

Some might say that a nine foot closet is a little much for coats.

Some probably don't feel bad that such closet came tumbling down while I'm home alone and in the middle of another home improvement project.'s the way I see it. It's an optimistic approach really. Obviously my coats and I have outgrown this house. It's time to move. See, the solution was simple as that. I've always been pretty good at problem solving.

Oh and dad will you help me fix the closet ?


Kara said...

Fantastic solution to your problem. :)

If you really feel the need to do some moving, I have a houseful ready for you! (OK, not ready. 4 boxes packed. But eventually it will be ready!!)

Stacey J. said...

ummm.....yeah....I think I'm busy, lol. Seriously I would help, but you live kinda far away. 4 boxes! You have a lot of work to do.
The house of my dreams was sold out from under me this week. It was really sad, and I'm kind of bummed, but it wasn't meant to be.

Kara said...

Well I quit packing after I found out the lady who is buying our house won't have any money until July 1... nice of her to tell her realtor since we are supposed to close on the 17th of JUNE.... I found out on accident from her mom. So I quit packing since nobody knows what's going on and it looks like we won't get to move until after Jeff and Beth's wedding. Who wants to live out of boxes for a month?!?!

Lisa Walsh said...

Oh no! I have too many coats in my closet as well! (Wait, is there EVER too many coats?)