Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Summer Nights

I don't believe that there is anything that can compare to a perfect summer evening. There is nothing that attaches itself so deeply to my sense of memory. Sweet youthful memories. The way the breeze twirls and plays with my hair and feels so good at the end of a hot day. The way the setting sun makes my skin glow even though I rarely have glowing skin. The way all the summer smells meld into one to make one beautiful scent that can never be bottled.....but experienced. The way the grass feels between my toes as if it's sole purpose is to massage and tickle them. The way the sunlight turns into moonlight and never a shiver comes over me except just to witness the awe of the milky way. There simply aren't many better things in life than a summer evening.

maybe a tickle war in the grass! I almost always win, and I love to win. But I think he lets me.

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