Monday, March 16, 2009

Cake Bites

There was an awful lot of fun happening in the kitchen at the Pioneer Woman. She met with Bakerella (awesome inventor of cake pops) and baked for days on end. I can only bake for a little while before the sugar gets to me and I feel like if I don't eat a hunk of meat or something that I might spin into wild oblivion. I love sugar, but my body doesn't so much. I revolts against me and puts me in misery. So does butter covered crab...I eat it anyway!

This weekend though, we decided to give these little gems a whirl. After all, the process looked right up the alley of a three year old. They are suppose to come out looking like mini cupcakes, but 1. I'm not a really cupcake person and 2. I knew I could never get them to look that way with the help of the little man that lives in my house. I didn't really think I would like to eat these as much as I liked looking at them... but surprisingly I REALLY liked them. I think these would be perfectly awesome for parties.
Chocolate almond bark
Cake mix
Tub of frosting
Meltable Candy Wafers in whatever flavor you choose (I used p-nut butter)
Bake cake as directed on box. Let cool. Crumble in a bowl and add most of the tub of frosting and mix around with hands until it's all a huge mess and your toddler is covered in cake crumbs. Cool for a couple hours in the fridge. Roll into little balls.
Melt Chocolate bark in the microwave. Pour into molds (the chocolate cup kind) and put the rolled balls in the middle. Refrigerate for a few minutes. Take out of molds and dip into second melted flavor. Decorate with sprinkles! For full directions, see here. (She takes many, many more pictures for how too's than I do!)