Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Good Light

I attended an Easter Egg hunt with my kiddo yesterday in one of the local hotels. It was suppose to be held outside, but since there was snow on the ground, they moved it inside. Let's just say, inside is a lot smaller than outside, and I was almost witness to a fist-fight between a couple moms over eggs. There were a lot of angry, angry parents. But amidst the chaos, I noticed the hallway we were waiting in, had the most beautiful sunlight. You know, the kind of sunlight that makes you wish you could stand in it and relish it for hours. So, since I've been told that I need to get some photos of my son-shine in the mail, (believe it or not, I'm kinda of bad about sending out actual prints!), and since he just got a groovy little haircut (I know he just had one 3 weeks ago, but it grows an inch a day, I've convinced of that), we trotted downtown for some super sunlit shots.

Now, I know I'm his mom, and I'm a little biased... but really, he's pretty rad in this first shot. I don't tell him to do anything really when I take his pictures, especially to say cheese or smile (I don't do that with anyone)...this is his natural self....I'm in trouble.


Louise said...

My son's hair grows so fast too, it's crazy. It's nice you found some peace (and great light) amongst the chaos. These are great!!

Martha/Marti said...

OMG! He is so cute! I love his eyes!

Aiden Walsh said...

Fist fights at an Easter egg hunt? Sheesh. People need to get a grip!

Beautiful light. I just love his eyes...they just draw you in.


Angie Hayes Photography said...

Love the conversions on these! He is so handsome!