Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kings Casserole

During food week, the others that participated came up with some really really great recipes to share. This one in particular caught my eye, because is was a casserole with a little zip in its step. It's a tad time consuming, but it was worth it to me! This is the type of dish that would god fantastically with a margarita. On rocks. With salt.

You can find the recipe here. I did have a few changes to it though. It called for the chicken to be shredded, and really the only place I will ever eat shredded chicken is at Bernie's in the town I went to college....don't ask me why, it's just a thing I have. Besides, it was much faster just to chop it and cook it, plus I think each bite gets a little more of the lime flavor. Speaking of the lime flavor, when I cook chicken I cook it in water to make it more moist, so when the water boils off I add more... I also added more lime each time as well and a little bit of salt. Also, I did not cook the tomatoes in the sauce, I just used them as a layer. And... I used A LOT of cheese. I a cheese fanatic. In fact I'm kind of a dairy fanatic, it's the one food group I couldn't live without. Good thing I'm not lactose intolerant or I would be in some serious trouble!!!
Oh... and don't forget to add a dollop of daisy to this... makes it sooo much better!

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