Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cookie Master

That's what he calls himself now. Even though we hardly ever make cookies......he's "The Cookie Master." He can can crack eggs, he knows the difference between different ingredients, and like his mother, he likes to lick the bowl. We didn't make cookies today, we made these.

I'm a brownie batter eater, which I've mentioned before. It's an addiction which I have passed on to my child. And unlike my mother (sorry mom) I leave more than needed in the bowl. I don't skimp on the batter. But now... I have competition. It's difficult to compete with your child for food. You don't really want to take it away from them, but you don't really want them to get it all either. It didn't used to be a competition, I could eat as much as I wanted and he would be dandy with it because he had a stomach the size of a walnut. That is not the case anymore. Though he is still skinny as skinny can be... we look at each other like ravenous wolves when it comes to brownie batter. Our eyes glaze over. We drool. It's ravenous I say!

And then I look at his big eyes loving every bite gracing his lips and I give up. I can't help it. Once you're a mom, you really would give your left arm to you child if they needed it. And I... let him clean out the brownie batter bowl. It all part the of sacrifices a mother must endure.


Louise said...

You let him clean out the bowl? ... now that's true love!

Looks so delicious!!

Martha/Marti said...

You are making more than brownies with him! You are making memories that will last a lifetime!
Love the shots!

Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

OMG this is so funny.. I know exactly what you mean.. I only just started letting Zac my 14 year old clean the bowl.. LOL

Photography by Heather Roach said...

Too cute! Awesome shots. Such a great mommy to let him clean the bowl.

BingO said...

Licking the bowl is the BEST part! My mom always let us do that and we adored her for it. Your little one is so blessed to have such an awesome mommy!
Love that last shot, lol!

Lisa Walsh said...

That last picture is perfection!