Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daffodil Dreams

March is the month of Daffodils. Daffodil Days. Living here, on the Front Range, we don't have many coming up and blooming quite yet. As it still snows 8 or 10 inches every other days or so. They will grow soon. Though, there isn't a place where there are fields of daffodils to commemorate Spring's entrance. How I wish there were. Don't most girls dream of things like that. Opening up a second story window to find a field of flowers below them...or is that just me? There is a scene in the movie "Big Fish" that does just this... though the daffodils are bought, and brought to her from five surrounding states. Doesn't every girl dream of that? Or is that just me as well? Regardless... I buy them. To add a little yellow to my life. A pop of color and gentleness. I have them perched in my Grandmother's old blue canning jars. My grandmother who was surrounded by black dirt and beautiful summer time flowers that grew without much coaxing.

So today... don't forget to take in the miracle of what mother nature does every year. And dream of daffodils.

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