Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My goal for the new old house I moved into a few months ago, is to make corners / spaces here and there, where I can sit with my laptop and enjoy the view while I work. Not to mention....an entirely closed in area full of windows is pretty much a natural light photographer's dream come true!!!! I was instantly drawn to the front porch of this house even though it had HORRIBLE smelly carpet, GIANT cracks in the wall, some sort of stains ALL over the walls, paint chipping and so on and so on.

The last couple of weeks have been spent working on it. Getting it to look much prettier and cozier. And now, I am able in the evenings (when it's not blizzarding and snowing and freezing cold!!!) Sit out there and enjoy the view.

My husband put his heart into the tiling job, which took 15 boxes of 16 inch tiles (it's a HUGE area). While he tiled I painted and repainted the entire area, including the ceiling. I added a couple light blue velvet chairs and a little glass table (which I will talk about later)

This is what is looked like before. The bald puppy couldn't stay out of the way!

And, even though I LOVE to paint and repaint everything all the time... I don't really love it when I spill an entire bucket of it on the ground.

I did leave one thing the same.... this light. It's original to the house. Nearly 100 years old.

And the giant hole (the heat vent)...well it was an issue the whole time it was uncovered. My son fell in it while he was helping me paint (that was the day he told me he was going to be an artist, much to my heart's delight!) and then my cat crawled all the way down the vent the next day. He came out completely black!!!

I have several more things to share regarding the front porch... but haven't quite gotten to them yet... just wanted to share a little as some have been asking how everything is going!


Kara said...

Oh, I love it!!!

boywva said...

dteWhat a beautiful change. Really nice now.

JAR said...

It looks great Stacey! I love what you have done with the front porch. It looks like the perfect place to curl up and read a book.

sherrieg said...

It looks fantastic! The windows are amazing. I can't wait to see more of your new old house. :)

Lisa Walsh said...

Looks like your off to a lifetime of fun memories in your new old house!