Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Literary Genius

Today we are celebrating in my house...
If you haven't noticed, we celebrate A LOT.
What's not to celebrate? We're alive and able to enjoy all the awesomeness of everyday!!!

Today is Dr. Suess's Birthday.
He's pretty much amazing and he changed the way children read and hear things, plus his books are pretty insightful to most adults.

Luckily, my kiddo LOVES to read books. He absolutely loves the library and memorizing what I read to him (he's got the alphabet mostly down, but we working on a few words now!) The only problem is.. he picks out dinosaur books EVERY time. So in effort to get him to expand his horizon, we are going all Dr. Suess, all week.

Tonight we are having Green Eggs and Ham for supper so we needed a Suessish center piece. These remind me of Horton's flower! And of course I somehow managed to have a pair of these socks hidden away (I didn't buy them!)

And what dinner is complete without candles. Colorful Candles!!!

Now.. I challenge you to read "One Fish, Two Fish" as fast as you can without getting tongue tied!

In lieu of a song... here is "Cat in the Hat" narrated. And part two here.


Beth said...

Looks like lots of fun! We bought Fox in Socks in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday yesterday.

Bing said...

FANTASTIC!!!! I think Dr. Suess is my long lost grandpa. Really.
You have got to be the most fun mom EVER!