Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching A Moment of Leisure

This is where we escaped today for a few hours. We used to, all the time, jump in old blue, put on a tape (yes we own a vehicle that still plays cassette tapes) and head on down the road, out to the country. But now, with the running hither and's hard to spontaneously jump up and run away for a while.

It was my intention, after eating lunch, to lay down and read my magazine, or book that I carefully packed along with my hot tamale nail polish, and read and paint my toe nails. But the long grass called my name. So, I threw on my mud boots (that I bought at Ann Taylor 5 years ago before the fashion rain boots came into style, specifically for looking cute while playing in the mud) and ran out and followed the boys.

There was a lot of catching happening.
Fish catching.
Frog catching.
Bug catching.
Butterfly catching.
Dog catching.

What a perfect way to spend the afternoon. In between the painting and weeding and editing. Just perfect!


Kristine Pratt said...

All the pictures are beautiful, but I do love the froggy picture!

Stacey J. said...

Me too Kristen!

Dominique Long said...

Oh my goodness...that frog picture is toooo perfect! And I love the butterfly catching! My daughter is obsessed with bugs right now...we just bought a butterly net the other day. It's too fun!