Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Of Those Days

So, in this little adventure of owning an old home, that I decided to partake in, I have bad days. I knew I would. I knew that this house would sometimes make me so mad and irritated that I might blow a gasket at any point in time.
Yesterday was one of those days. Where I looked around myself overwhelmed with what needs to be done but cannot be done yet, even though I desperately want it to be done. And instead of looking at all the amazing progress that has happened at this old house, I just look at it and feel tired, and worn out. Tired and worn out because the balcony isn't done. The garden has so much grass in it that it could have been mowed and the grass that grows in it has roots longer than a football field. The sidewalk has a hole in it and the tree roots are taking over the neighborhood. The GIANT trees which have red bark ALL around them is ALL over no matter how much I sweep. I really don't like red bark. Besides having giant trees I have dead ones. The outside is only 1/8 painted and I'm too sunburnt to stay outside one more minute, and then my husband calls my dad telling him that I am grumpy and probably need a time out....complain, complain, complain. Somedays, nothing is pretty to me here.
And then.
I go to sleep.
In a really grumpy gus mood.
And then.
I wake up.
And find a giant lilac bush blooming.
That I didn't know was actually a lilac bush.
I've never had a lilac bush.
I love lilacs.
I love the house all over again.
Sorry for being mad at you old house.

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Kara said...

My lilacs bloomed today too! I was so excited! We have to waaaay trim the one in the back yard down, it's totally taking over the yard. So I went out and snipped a bunch of them off since we're going to trim it anyway, and now they are in my house, making it smell lovely. I'm lucky enough to have 3 lilac bushes. They're my favorite!