Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Second of a Pair

About a year ago my brother in law brought home this little dude. Who has now grown into a huge beast of an oaf. He's kind of doofy. I don't mind saying that, because it's true. We all complain about each other's dogs in the most honest way.
Well today he brought home this tiny little ball of whiny fur. And he name is Lefty. His dogs are named Poncho and Lefty from the song. (at the end) He has had a dream for most of his adult life, to have two dogs with these names. And now he does. We got the pleasure of hearing Willie Nelson sing this in person once, and it was wonderful, though I can't say seeing Willie Nelson in Concert was ever on my list of things to do... but I did it and stood in the front row to see it on a cold night in Colorado.
Welcome to the family Lefty. You sure are cute! Thank you for letting me stick you up on a shelf in a bowl in my kitchen. It probably won't be the last time I make you endure something of the sort.

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Amy Benzenhafer said...

Aww! Lefty is adorable! And I bet you are partial to Poncho too! ;)