Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Alternative

Went shopping on my day off this week in search of jeans. I despise shopping for jeans. Once I find a store that carries my size I latch on like a monkey to a banana tree. Well, I decided to actually look in different places this time....it was horrifying. Came home, ordered them online....done. I did come home with lots of things I didn't need...as usual, but didn't have jewelry to match. Heaven forbid I go without matching jewelry. I was looking for something very specific...I knew I wouldn't find it and I was already tired of not finding what I want. Sooooo..... I made some!!! I found the stones I wanted and just whipped them up.....just like that. (Notice how I cut off my nose so you wouldn't have to look up into it..that would have been gross)

PS...Marcie (if you read this)..sorry if I'm shamefull at this, but it was my first attempt.

PPS...if anyone wants to make these, shoot me an email or comment and I'll send directions.


Tia said...

Stacey, how'd you getting the lighting that way on the earrings!? You can barely see what they are sitting on, but they are so "bright." Wasn't sure if this was a lighting thing or a photoshop thing! :O)

Stacey J. said...

Just lighting...they're sitting on my coffee table.