Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jello Cake

This is a recipe is from my cousin all the way in Saratoga (3 hours away). This is also a super easy recipe but tastes just fantastic! It's cool and breezy and it's a good thing I made it on a day when it was 50 degrees outside, because it made me feel like it was summer just for a minute (it so happened to have snowed six inches that night as well, so my happiness about the weather didn't last long.)

This can be made with any kind of jello and any kind of fruit that you want. I think she used strawberries, but mentioned it would be good with peaches, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I jumped right on the peach train and made it with peaches.

Thanks Kara for the tastelicious cake recipe!!!

Jello Cake

1 white box cake
1 box of jello of choice
1 container of whipped cream
Fruit for topping of choice

Cook box cake according to directions. While cake is baking make jello and refrigerate until cake is done. When cake is done, poke holes into it with a straw. Pour jello over the entirety of the cake. (She only used part of the jello, I used all of it to make sure it was super moist.) Top with whipped cream and fruit. (I pureed my peaches and mixed them in with the whipped cream)


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