Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Futile Fruit

Throughout the years I've found some foods just to be completely worthless. Like habanero peppers. Does one need to be eating something that after it's swallowed you could spit fire across the table? That should have blinking warning signs in the grocery store about it's radioactive heat. Not to mention just touching one will give you a heat rash for days to follow. And believe me, milk doesn't do the trick quite as well when you're trying to get the burning to stop on the arms. (Yes, I tried it) Well, I've found another pointless food. The cactus pear. It looks nice doesn't it? Looks like it could taste good? Well it's not nice and it doesn't taste good. Well it might if it didn't have exactly 3,258,263 seeds in each little bite. But the kicker....it has microscopic cactus needles that you will be picking out of your hand for 8 days if you handle it with naked fingers. (Can you guess what I've been doing for the last 8 days?)

The pomegranate is another "kind of" futile food. Though I really want to love it. It's so pretty and smells delightful. I love everything pomegranate....juice, lip gloss, lotion. But whenever I buy one and dream of what I will do with it....it doesn't seem as dreamy when I cut into it.

And this is how I usually end up eating it.


Lisa Walsh said...

Not surprising a fruit with "cactus" in the name pricks your fingers and doesn't taste that good. Thanks for the warning!

Last year I tried star fruit. Wasn't that impressed.

Stacey J. said...

Yeah, I had to find out the hard way!
I like star fruit, but it is another one of those that is mostly worthless.