Friday, September 26, 2008

Perfectly Autumn

I don't have as much time these days to have photo shoots with my muse. Today I took the time. Besides, could he was looking so sharp in his little denim jacket with his long somewhat side swept hair (I love his hair right now.) that it was hard to pass up. The colors are turning here and it's absolutely gorgeous outside. So we went for a drive around town. We talked and sang. We both needed the time outside and a little vitamin A. We didn't go to the park or playground. In fact, when I'm shooting those are normally the last places I visit. We found unique and quiet areas around town.

I know he looks grown up in these....he's not. He's still two. And on the way home, I had the radio blasting and was singing along (I normally do) to "Takin' Care of Business"....and from the backseat I hear my son's beautiful voice at the top of his lungs sing "Takin' Care of CHRISTMAS!!!." I said...he's two!

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