Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Gerber Babies Revisted...

Every fall, I travel to Thermopolis, only once, for hunting season with my husband. (I'm done galavanting for a week or so now) I am in no way involved with the hunting. In fact, I stay away from it as much as possible. I have nothing against hunting, I just don't feel the need to witness the event. Nor photograph the trophies. I don't really eat too much of the meat either. (Geez, I'm not really the best hunting advocate am I?) My husband, on the other hand loves it all. I do like to ride along every now and again. Thermop is in a little valley at the end of a gorgeous canyon. It's quaint. It's quiet. The wind hardly ever blows there. It's surrounded by cliffs of red rock with green meadows below them. Quite beautiful actually.
Also at the end of my road in the little town are a few kids that await photos. When I walked into this wonderful families' house they have four rather large photos of all of their children in the doorway. It's a beautiful sight. Thanks to them, there were a few more kiddos at the end of the line waiting for photos too! These are the brown eyed Gerber babies. They are a fun loving, happy-go- lucky family. I love to see their growth every year.

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