Thursday, July 29, 2010

About Those Cowboys

I've never really been a "cowboy person." I don't own boots. I don't own what is considered to be a good hat. My jeans don't sport the wrangler label. I'm more of a preppy, bohemian, urbany kind of person. My brother calls me a yuppy...and my son is following in my footsteps. But I live amongst the cowboys and live in a state where being one is a way of life, not just a look. I come from a family where I knew why cowboy boots and hats were important. My parents have always had horses.

So, this week, during the week of celebrating everything cowboy. The week of the largest outdoor rodeo in world, which is just blocks from where I live.... I give in a little.

My little one, amid all the brimmed hats, wanted one. So we got him one. When we got home he put on his cowboy boots that were given to us and are still 4 sizes too big. He announced "Look at me!!! I'm rough and tough like Grandpa Buck!!" (Yes, he has a grandpa Buck, who is also Uncle Buck to many of my cousins!)

The green foliage in this... my pumpkins or squash or whatever it is that we planted there!!

I always buy sarsaparilla on Cheyenne Day for us all. Just a little tradition I made up a few years ago. Though I couldn't find the real thing this year and had to get Stewarts. It was just as good.

I don't think my baby will be a real cowboy anytime soon.... he asked if he could go ride his dinosaur directly after this.

Should've Been a Cowboy, Toby Keith


Shannon said...

Too cute!! I love that kid...and his awesome mom!! :)

Louise said...

So cute!! You should be getting paid alot of money for what you do. You're an incredible photographer.