Thursday, July 29, 2010

Under the Stars

So, yesterday was an amazingly full day for my little one. He spent the morning at the pancake breakfast with his daddy, then the airshow with his uncle and then the midway with all of us and then as promised, I slept in the backyard with him with popcorn and story telling and giggles far into the night. I wrestled the tent but finally got it up and left the rain cover off so we could see the stars. It was a perfect evening to sleep outside and surprisingly I slept like a LOG!

And the great thing about sleeping in your own back yard. There are plug in and cell phone service. (He was telling his grandma all about his fun filled day here!)

Today... the chutes tour! You can get the CFD schedule here if you want to come join the fun!

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Uncle Tevy said...

That is awesome. What a good couple of days. I totally remember camping in the back yard.