Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rub a Dub

I kicked my husband out of my bathroom the minute he was able to shower in his new one. I guess over the years, I have been very spoiled with not ever having to share a bathroom all that much. I don't really primp. I don't really even put my makeup on in the bathroom. I just don't want boy things in there. Or giant shower curtains. Or weird shower holders. Or old spice.

So when we moved in... the bathroom was fine. Usable. Dreary.

It was painted a tanish-brownish color. Which... didn't really work for me. At all. Plus, the people before us, weren't the most detail oriented people and the paint job wasn't the best. So I would sit in my tub staring at the dirt colored walls and all the places that weren't quite painted or missed. It bugged me. (yes, I'm a little compulsive, but when something bugs you... it just bugs you until it's fixed)

So, I painted it. white. ALLLLL white. I always figure if you are going to go with something.... go all the way. (my husband seems to think that it would be cheaper for us to invest in the white paint market, rather than keep buying gallons and gallons..... he thinks I'm I little obsessed with creams and whites) And in the middle of the white, is a GIANT squared painting with every muted color of the rainbow. There is still a green stand in there. Holding a spot for a white stand. I repainted the bathtub. It was brown. I had a hard time even sitting in a brown bathtub.

I have a couple more projects to share regarding the bathroom... but didn't quite get to them. I was busy painting. Probably something white.


sherrieg said...

Lovely! The husband and I were talking about painting everything white the other day. I think the way to go is to do the Mr Bean thing. (Oh, in case you're not familiar with that episode, it's here:

Louise said...

This is gorgeous! It looks so clean.