Thursday, July 1, 2010

Human Kindness

Today I pulled up to my house to find a friend of mine waiting for me. In his hand he had a loaf of wheat breading waiting to be thrown into the oven. He had waited for the perfect time to give it to me, he knows that I love cooking, he knew exactly when I would be home and sure enough, I was hungry!

People never cease to amaze me in their kindness and thoughtfulness. Sure, there are a lot of unkind people out there, but it's not them that I remember. It's not them that remind me to be a better person. The world is full of good people hiding in the most unsuspecting places.

While we were waiting for the bread to cook, my little chicken nugget and I made pinwheels. It's a good way to practice cutting and lets face it....who doesn't like to blow and blow and blow on them on a hot summer day?

Thanks S. for the wonderful bread!!! We loved it!!!!

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