Saturday, July 17, 2010


These kiddos are some that I've been able to watch grow since I moved here. That's a lot of years. They are growing into sweet sweet kids and I love being able to go visit them. They live in the country and I relish every time I get to go out there. I normally always shoot on a hot summer evening when they are all running and playing. I have to wrangle them up for just a little while before they start begging to go climb trees. It's just like a Country Time Lemonade moment.

I remember this one as a toddler. And now look at her. Beautiful.

And him.... he's possibly the sweetest older brother. very very patient will all the women he's surrounded by.

And her.... she's the newbie. Petite...but full of spunk!

And because it's about that perfect place and is one of my favorites...

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