Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bathroom Debacle

First of all, I'd like to say, that I love home improvement. I think it's so gratifying when everything is done and you can say that you did this with your own hands and sweat. Home improvement with couples working together often times doesn't work out to well, so here at my house we normally have separate tasks. Tiling the bathroom floor is not one of my tasks (though I would gladly do it). 2 hours into the project, after the toilet and the washer and dryer had been moved out I checked into to see how the floor was coming up. There was exactly 1 square inch done and my husband was already flushed in the face from the hard work. The linoleum had been glued in every square inch and had to be pried off by every tiny square inch. So.....I lent a hand and 6 hours later the linoleum was up (after using a galloon of paint remover to loosen the glue and loosing A LOT of brain cells in the process).

The tiling itself went pretty quickly (I didn't do the actual tiling, it's not one of my tasks), but it was done early the next day. Later that night the toilet needed to be put back into place. However the bolts that hold it there were not long enough anymore...quite a dilema. Bolt extensions were bought but the holes in the toilet were not big enough anymore. So while I was relaxing around bedtime my husband came and laid by me....looking's the conversation that followed:

"what did you break"
"what did you break"
"the holes weren't big enough"
"what did you break"
"so I tried to chip them away and make them bigger"
"how broken is it"
"the holes are definately bigger"
"how broken is it"
"it's in a few pieces"
"how many pieces"
"about a thousand"

so the next day we became proud owners of a new engery saving toilet. We've gone that's good in the long run. The toilet is in with some help from our wonderful friend John (who has been a savior to us), and our bathroom is done.

This is my husband's bathroom by the way...if it were mine, it would be a little more foo fooey. Men don't really like foo foo, but at least there's fancy towels in there right?

And here is the new throne. Beautiful, isn't it? (Pay no attention to the overwelming amount of air freshener pictured)

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Kara said...

HAHAHA! I laughed out loud at Brady breaking the toilet!! :) Looks great! We need to redo both our bathrooms- wanna come do it for us? :)