Wednesday, January 23, 2008

White Narcissus

White Narcissus. They are such a joy to grow in the winter. I've been growing them just in rocks and water for the past couple of years. It gives me just a little taste of spring that I yearn for so much this time of year. These flowers are very potent though, and I imagine anyone with allergies might have problems with them. They are little and delicate and peaceful.


Annie said...

I love your pictures of the white narcissus. Were do you get a white narcissus? They are very pretty. It makes it fell like spring in the house when you have a flowers bloom.

Stacey J. said...

Annie~ you can buy bulbs for these almost anywhere. I think I got these at Lowes. They are super super potent though...kinda like really potent tiger lillies.

Tia said...

I absolutly LOVE these photos...I may have you order me some! Wish I could post my photos! :O( Baend's computer is being stupid!!