Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pay It Forward With Food

I've been posting little recipes here and there since I started this blog because I thought to myself that this would be a great way to pay it forward to the world.....I'm optimistic about the number of people who actually read this. Give something of myself and share it. Well, now I want you to help me. I want you to share with me your favorite recipes and stories behind them. I'll cook it/ bake and then post it with a photo. Now I know what some of you are thinking.... "If I share my good recipes what will I bring to Joe Schmo's potluck next week if everyone else has the recipe...and then I won't be famous anymore for that dish" That's what I first thought. Then I re-thought my thought (tough to do sometimes) and decided that's pretty selfish. What good is good cooking if you don't share it.
So if you wish to share something...please e-mail me. Leave me a comment. Call me. Write me a letter and send it in the mail..... however you want to do it....just share. (That's what I tell my son 3,248,256 times a day.)

Now I will share with you the most fantastic Cheese Ball recipe you have ever tasted. Seriously this is the kind of food that makes your senses tingle. Makes your tastebuds erupt. It's just that good. Unless you don't like olives.... then I suggest you try one of the delicious club crackers pictured as well......dry......with nothing on it. Gross, but that what people who don't like olives must do.

Cheese Ball
2 packages cream cheese
1 can chopped black olives
1/2 jar chopped green olives
(you might want to chop these a little more so the pieces aren't huge)
1/2 -1 jar of pimentos
3 minced garlic cloves
Handful of minced onions
Dash of Tabasco sauce (I use a lot more than a dash)

Mix all ingredients in medium bowl with spoon. Pick up and shape into ball. If you wish you can roll the whole ball into chopped almonds or nuts of your choice.
Super easy. Super good.

Now it's your turn to share!


Caleb said...

Now those olives just ruined perfectly good cream cheese...

Holly said...

Yum, that looks delicious! If I make it, I guess I'll get it all to myself! :-)

Stacey J. said...

Caleb...that's what all the guys around here say, expect Park, he loves them!

Holly said...

I have so many recipes I'd love to share, I just need to pick one!

Amy Benzenhafer said...

NOT an olive fan - so dry crusty crackers for me! =(

You should try my peanut butter balls....

Mix 1 bottle of karo syrup and 1 cup of sugar in a pot on the stove (add the sugar when the karo starts to get tiny bubbles... then stir until almost clear....)

Turn off heat when clear... add jar of peanut butter (medium size) and mix thouroughly.

Add 1 medium size box of Corn Flakes. (Generic just won't do...)

Mix with your hands - I have broken wooden spoons and cheap plastic ones!!!


Make into what ever size balls you like...

Let cool.
Try to eat only one.


Happy New Year!!!

Stacey J. said...

Thank you so much Amy!!!!