Sunday, January 6, 2008

Loving a Grain of Rice

The first time I saw my son he was the size of a grain of rice.....a grain of rice with a heartbeat. I had been having complications early on in my pregnancy and was in the hospital ER in a dark cold room with my husband looking at our son for the first time. I was told later on that night that he had a 50/50 chance of making it and the only thing I could do was wait. That was the night I knew I was really going to be a mom and maybe an OK one at that, because it was then that I would have done anything humanly possible to make sure my grain of rice was safe......something only a mom would do. I had been hooked up to IV's for severe dehydration (I hadn't been able to keep even a glass of water down for more than a week) and then sent home early in the morning for bed rest for a few days. I called my parents the next day telling them I had been in the hospital . That was also the way I had to tell them I was having a baby. Not the exactly the way I had envisioned telling grandparents to be that they were going to be just that. I took a phenegran to stop the sickness and woke up 14 hours later to the sound of my mother cleaning something, a lamp shade or something, in my room. I never took another phenegran after that.....but was so happy my mom was there. She laid in bed with me for a while, asking me over and over if I was SURE if I thought I could keep this or that down. I now understood why she worried so's hard not to. I was just glad she was there.

Well..... this is my grain of rice. He's two years old today.


Kara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARKER! We hope you get all the Elmo presents that you didn't get for Christmas!! :)

Annie said...

Happy Birthday, Parker!!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Parker!