Monday, November 3, 2008

Leaves Galore

Leaves aplenty. Leaves abounding. Lot O' Leaves. However you say it.... it's the exact description of my backyard right now. The kick... they aren't my leaves. They belong to the rest of the neighborhood. For some reason, before the winter settles in, all the leaves in southeast side of the city gather in the grassy knoll behind my home.

The first year we lived here... they were raked and bagged. All 47 bags of the 10 thousand square feet of grass. Of course, I didn't really rake any. Or bag any.....I was 7 months pregnant and had a deep connection to the lavatory at the time. There was no time for raking for me. Since then, the raking gets done in the spring....winter winds help out with the process immensely.
So, I get to spend hours of beautiful Indian Summer days in the leaves. Crunching them. Throwing them. Piling them.

But mostly, and more importantly....he gets to enjoy them. And crunch them. And throw them. And pile them. .... and mash them in my hair. Which takes 4 hours and 32 minutes to comb out after coming inside! Worth it. It's totally worth it.


Krista said...

You have such a beautiful boy!
I still enjoy crunching in the leaves and kickin' em around when I walk, there is just no time like fall!

Lisa Walsh said...

I wish all of the leaves from our yard would blow into yours! We can't really leave (no pun intended) them in the yard living next to the Country Club and their nice, leaf-free grass!

Faustina said...

Gorgeous, Stacey! Beautiful to look at, fun to play in... not fun to rake, eh? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I stopped to enjoy your work today... very inspiring..thank you again!