Saturday, November 1, 2008

They Are Getting Hitched!

I was so ecstatic when she wrote and told me she was engaged. A while later she asked me to take her engagement photos and I jumped out of my seat!!!! Yay Engagement photos.....I love those!!! She's one of those girls that sings when she talks. She dances and bounces when she walks. ......and she's in love with an adorable guy. Congrats J an C!!!!! I had a blast with you both this afternoon!

They were so genuine with their affection. Nothing was forced and it wasn't awkward. She always closed her eyes when he would put his arms around her....just the way it should be.


Lisa Walsh said...

These are simply gorgeous.

Tara Zornow, Southeast Michigan Photographer said...

You have some awesome images, I love your style! Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)