Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Many Teeth Tall Are You??

So.....I've been slacking a bit lately. As far as fun projects go. It's been a while. I have a million excuses, but listing excuses for why we haven't done fun things like this is a bit of a waste!

Most of you know by now, that my little one is infatuated with Dinosaurs right now. Infatuated is a nice way to put it. I've learned more in this past year about the mighty lizards than I ever thought I would know. He now believes that he will be the one to bring them back to life. (no he hasn't seen Jurassic Park....and yes there was a ginormous fight over that fact here not long ago)...this is a concept he's come up with all on his own. "I'm gonna make them alive again mom!!"

So the other day we were reading a book and in it was a life sized picture of a t-rex tooth. My kiddo is a major book worm. He can't quite get the "reading" part down, but he memorizes what a book says in just a few minutes. Anyway.... I thought that it would be awesome to measure things around the house equivalent to the size of t-rex teeth.

T-rex teeth are approximately 6-8-inches long. And Park is about 5 1/2 T-Rex Teeth tall!!! (Give or take a few inches!)

No I didn't make him hold that book. He carries one most every where he goes....he just waits to find people that he can "teach" and yes he's covered from head to toe in dino gear. You should see his shoes.....


JAR said...

Yet another fun idea! Love the first picture! -Joni

Martha/Marti said...

Great idea! He is so cute!