Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sit Right Down I'll Tell You A Tale

Captain Bob dropped us off on a deserted island for three hours. Otter Island. It was used during WWII for target practice and therefor full of shells and well....different kinds of shells. It's a quiet little Island. On one side you can wander and weave around. The other... well, you don't really want to visit the other side unless you're looking for gators! I hunted for photos while Brady hunted for fish. He caught an ocean trout. Go figure.

The one and only photo of myself during vacation. I have a hard time handing over the camera to anyone, especially the better half. Bless his heart... let's just say photography isn't his calling.

We had to stop at this little gem on the way to dinner at a road side BBQ diner. (Which by the way was voted #1 best BBQ in the are, rightly so. And the hush fried food aversion was not working that night!) It was the craziest shop I've ever seen. And the inside matched. We loved it.

And of course.. the trees. Oh the trees. I couldn't get enough!


Louise said...

Your better half took a great shot. Wish my hubby could make me look as great as you! :)

I love the shop photo. Looks like something out of Fried Green Tomatoes.

Amy said...

I just posted about this little quirky antique shop a couple of weeks ago. So neat to see another appreciates the funky little place.

Edisto is full of local flavor for sure. I visit often as my parents live close by and I never get over the magnificent trees - they're magical.

The antique shop post is under Galavantin' if you want to check it out...