Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Shot

This was our second outing in two days. I get the luxury of taking my time with him.....thank goodness, because right now, he is sooooo, well, ummm, 3!!!!! And acts like it. Three is much worse than two. At least for me. Since he and I are SOOOOOOO much a like, we argue like cats and dogs. Plus he is just talks pretty much 24-7. To anyone and anything. (We had a LONG talk about strangers the other day...)

Since the fall colors only last a couple weeks and especially if it's nice...I'm out there enjoying Every. Single. Minute. I love red vines and luckily I saw a huge one at my friends old house (who now built a huge new one out of town, so we weren't in any danger of disturbing anyone!)

wine colored leaves. my favorite!


Krista said...

Gorgeous red!! I love how his clothes look with the red leaves in the background...very nice!

Louise said...

Yes, 3 is definitely an interesting age with boys.

These are gorgeous shots Stacey. I love the colors .. they're so rich!!

Jane Bingham said...

He is just too stinkin cute! Love the red leaves, beautiful shots.

Martha/Marti said...

He is beautiful! He looks ornery! My son was 24/7 too...he talked 100% of the time that he was awake!