Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perfect Patch

It was the first time in 4 years that I've gone 4 days without taking a picture.
I felt as if I had an arm missing. I felt exposed because I had nothing to hide behind.
It was a blessing.
After I cried a little ( I really did that, you can ask the poor woman I canceled on last Saturday...)
After I got over it.
I was relieved.
I was happy.
I got to spend some time with my kiddo doing things we ordinarily would not get to do.
It was nice. All is good.

My replacement arrived last night. Tonight I found the perfect patch of light. And my muse looked perfect in it. I was looking for green as next week is officially the last day of summer. I have to relish in the last few days.


Shannon said...

I'm so glad you got your new camera!! Your pictures look great, as always!!

JAR said...

Wow, love the sunny background in those pictures!