Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy World

I fully admit that as I child I was a little more girly than tomboy-ish. I liked girl things.
I liked dresses.
I liked to fix my hair and pretend to put make-up on.
I played with barbies and dolls .
I dressed my cats in dresses and pushed them around in shopping carts.
I liked bows and lace and ruffles.
I danced and pranced and giggled. Just like most little girls do.
Occasionally I would find a lady bug in the garden and watch it tickle my skin and then let it fly away, only after making a wish on it.

I did not go to the store and buy 1500 lady bugs in a little sack and let them go in the back yard just for the pure enjoyment of finding them again and putting them in a bug box for safe keeping. I didn't do that until now. Boy world is a whole 'nother place for me!

I found a lady bug crawling in my bathroom this morning. I took it outside after it had tickled my skin and I made a wish on it as it flew into the air.


Louise said...

I didn't know you could buy ladybugs. It sounds like Parker (and you) had a great time. :)

Dominique Long said...

I love reading your blogs. There is so much "real life" in them...if that makes any sense. Your pictures are always beautiful...and have a certian feel to them (that I really like!. And the ladybugs touched close to home...I love them...I think I may head to Home Depot and pick some up for my daughter!

Stacey J. said...

Louise~ I didn't know you could buy them either. It's a little crazy!!!
Dominique... thank you so much!

Shannon said...

I'm a little jealous..I wanna buy ladybugs and set them free and find them again. I think I should spend more time with Parker! :)