Sunday, June 7, 2009

Important Events

There were some MAJOR events happening on Friday of this past week. In case you missed it... it was National Donut Day on Friday. You could have even scored a free one from certain places like Krispy Kreme and Daylight. Apparently the history of the donut was started by a cow. You can read about it here.

The more important event of Friday was "Relay for Life" here in my little town (Which happened to raise over 130 thousand dollars!!!!) It's an all night event that supports a cause which comes close to my heart and has touched me in so many personal ways. Between my husband and I, we only have one parent that has not been affected by cancer (my mom.) My god-mother is currently undergoing chemo for lymphoma. She has lost all her hair but certainly not all her spunk. The event is one busy one. There is a theme. There is food judging. There are survivor feasts. There are special costumes. There are awesome batons. There are contests all over at different tent sites (my kiddo won the cutest kid contest and I didn't even take his picture!!! Yay!!!) Our team was in the top 3 for food judging, but didn't win. (darn it!)

By the second round of the late night shift we were a little spunky....and we were NOT running. Just pretending.

If you have the chance to particpate in this in your hometown... please do!

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