Sunday, June 28, 2009


There have been only a couple posts on this little blog that I've posted without pictures. Hence the name of the blog.

There is one thing that I have always realized about myself, and realized at a young age. Something that I think has helped me cope. Something that I think keeps me from overloading and in the realm of sanity. I sometimes have the ability, and only sometimes for a few hours.... to disconnect. From everything and just be. I sometimes need to be plan-less. Schedule-less. Phone-less. Computer-less. Quiet.

The other night I attended a dinner in which I saw many people from the community come together and support a local fund raiser. It seemed everyone I talked to seemed to be tired . Tired of being busy. During a conversation, one of my friends said that the summer was so packed that there is no time to just be. "where is that time when we get to spend an afternoon just sitting in the backyard doing nothing."..... as we get older, schedules become more full of "fun things." There is rarely any down time in the season when down time is the empitome of a good day.

Today was a nothing day. I sat on my back porch for 6 hours. That's right 6. With a book. Some snack food that I did not cook. A glass of wine. I did nothing. And my family didn't either.
I didn't take any pictures to remember, because I didn't want to or need to. My feet were up. I read when I wanted, I closed my eyes when I wanted. I watched the tree leaves stand still for a change. It was a nothing day.

So... here's to a nothing day!.... I hope everyone can have one this summer, because nothing sometimes does a body good.


Kara said...

Yay! I love nothing days.

Beth said...

So jealous! I'm scheduling one in.

Stacey J. said...

Isn't sad when we have to pencil in "do nothing" on a calendar!!!

Louise said...

What a great idea! So simple, but we forget.