Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Duck of a Day

Today is a special day. Well....any day is special, but this one is very special. Donald turned 75 today. Now I'm not a gigantic Donald Duck fan, but there is something about him that is lovable in a angry kind of way.
My son has started watching one of his movies from 1944...The Three Caballeros. If you haven't seen it...it's very old fashioned and there's a lot of dancing. It's right up his alley.

So in honor of Donald Duck we went to the park today. My original plan was to race rubber duckies, but since there was a torrential downpour this afternoon... there was a little too much water around. Instead we just took some bread to the ducks. And geese. Mostly geese. Big Geese. Big, Biting geese. I learned today where the term "goose you from behind" came from. It wasn't the first time I've seen their aggression, but every time I go to feed them, I think they will behave, and then they go and attack my dog or something.

We did find a couple of Donalds. They looks like girls though. Like little hens that gossip about all the mean geese. That, or they are making escape tactics to get away from the herd.

Park got his bread taken right from his little hand and then he was done. "Those geese are getting me!!! help!!!!" and he ran. They followed.

This was the king goose. He hissed and all the others bowed down to his every command. He was a different kind. Maybe that's why he was the goose leader. I'm glad my feet don't look like that!

These guys were pretty cute. Until their mama hissed at you and gave you the evil death look.

Next year I think I will just make a cake for good old Donald. With White fluffy frosting!

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Louise said...

Wow, great shots!! They can be quite aggressive, that's for sure. I love Parker's boots .. too cute!!