Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Of A Different Kind

I can honestly say I've never met two siblings so indicative of being perfectly opposite of one another. One the model. One the tomboy. One the socialite. One that growls....(only for a second before she got used to me!)
They were both darling. Both very natural in their own habits. Both so very different.
They both were very very polite. Hugged and kissed me goodbye. (mind you a complete stranger!) I love hugs and kisses goodbye. I'm a sucker for it. From anyone really.....not just kids!

It rained all day yesterday. Except for the hour I shot these two. Perfect timing!


Louise said...

They are adorable and your photos are incredible Stacey!!

Christene said...

So cute! The lighting is awesome! I love your new profile pic too!

BingO said...

These are so full of personality! I think you must have captured them to a tee!