Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Dino Halloween

Tonight as we were driving along the highway to another neighborhood for tricks and treats the sun was glowing behind the trees. It was just like what I would imagine a Halloween story to begin with. The kind of light that silhouettes the trees so their now bare branches show and whistle and wave in the wind. It was perfectly orange. From the back seat I hear... "look mom, the sun knows it's Halloween too!...*in a softer whisper*'s so beautiful." I smile.

As the sun was going down we were winding down and heading closer to home. Sugar high had hit and the spinning and whirling and crazed eyed little boy was about to hit bottom.

Yesterday he got to take a little walk on the Yellow Brick Road at my husband's office.

And hang out with with these two.

The Cowardly Lion.. (you can't tell, but he's holding his tail.)

And he also got to have this for his pumpkin of the year. Props to my hubby, who year after year makes awesome jack-o-lanterns.

And he got to trick or treat with two of the cutest princess girls around.

Happy Halloween to all! Hope it was fun and safe for everyone!!!

1 comment:

Kara said...

I never realized how much Park looks like Brady until that Cowardly Lion picture!!

Brady, AWESOME dino pumpkin!!