Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Tonight I had a candle light dinner with my little short man. Candle light, with sticks, stones and tin cans. It was absolutely perfection.

We started off the afternoon with this project in mind. It sooo didn't work out. I had made my patterns too complicated and when the lights went off they were unrecognizable. So... we improvised. It was all team work and we both hummed the "Wonderpets" theme song as we worked. (For those non-parents..... it's a totally annoying, catchy song sung by talking school pets that save the world. ) We brought in all the "boy" elements and made them beautiful.
Then we ate dinner. A dinner of his favorite foods...acorn squash and biscuits with apple butter. In the candle light. Among the rocks and sticks.

Why may you ask, do I go to all this trouble.?
Because it's a random Tuesday.
A random Tuesday that needed spicing up. I got to look across to table to watch the light dance in his eyes that were already sparkling, which they almost always do anyway. I want him to realize that special days aren't always saved for holidays. That a random Tuesday can be so special and make someone more happy than all the holidays put together. I hope as he gets older he will make someone else's random Tuesday special. Find the beauty in the ordinary and make it less so.

And while we were lighting the candles... in pure PJ form....."mom did you make sure to spray for monsters before we eat?"

I already had.

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Louise said...

What a perfect evening! We should all live by those words .. 'Find the beauty in the ordinary and make it less so'. Tuesdays aren't looking so dull after all. :)