Sunday, October 28, 2007


October 28th

Sometimes it's nearly impossible to get a bunch of kiddos to cooperate when you want...but at the same time the results are still amazing and completely hilarious. These are my favorite kinds of photos...ones where they don't care if you are watching. These four are cousins...the two on the left were an added bonus for me today. They were all pretty darn cute. When were were done I was walking hand in hand with Peyton (the little girl) and she said to me..

"those were my cousins, I have two many do you have?"

"well I have 22 cousins."

"22 cousins!!!!" she stops dead in her tracks "WHOA!!!"

I've never had family photo of all my cousins together...I hope someday I will be able to. I think these kiddos are pretty lucky to be able to do this on a random Sunday afternoon.

And then there are the times when they do know the camera is watching them.

And then there are the times when they cooperate completely and you get something as gorgeous as this....

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