Friday, October 5, 2007

The Red Room

October 5th

The red room has been my project for a while now. It's the room that has had the most work done to it since we've moved in.

On the day I moved into this house I had somewhat of a little breakdown over closet space. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have ALOT of clothes and ALOT of shoes that all need appropriate housing. I was packing in my previous house the dream closet of any girl. It had an actual sitting area where I could just sit and admire all my clothes and shoes and drink my earl grey tea. As I was packing I realized that in the new house I was moving into, there was no room for my coats. I was so distraught that I told Brady I DID NOT want to move to that house and we needed to stop the sale imediately and if he didn't then all my coats would just be thrown on the floor forever (anyone who knows Brady would know that that would be upsetting to him) I cried and cried and cried. (Keep in mind I'm 6 months pregnant at this time). My dad saved the day and put up a make shift closet in the spare room where all the coats could live happily. Well the closet didn't have doors and instead a curtain that I thought was going to look just marvelous, but ended up hating (which happens sometimes with my projects) so up went closet doors.

When we moved in the room was an ugly yellowish color. Brady had never in his life painted a room inside a house and he had to paint this one three times. He was so tired of me pointing out little spots he had missed because I was pregnant and couldn't paint it myself, and believe me I truly do love to paint. Crazy I know. And to watch someone with no painting experience was beyond painful for me. Two years later up went the red and the chair rail. Out went the bed. I brought in an antique wash table and an antique pantry cabinet. I tried to paint the computer hutch (not a thing a recommend if it's pressed wood, the results are not pretty) and ended up having to replace it (can't say I'm all that sad though).

The pictures don't do justice as I don't have a very big wide angle, but this is the best I can do. The room only has black and white photos and will have many more large ones hung in the next month or so. I know some people who read this will never see where I at least they can see it this way.


Annie said...

I Love the room. I finally got Joel to let me paint one red wall in our house. Next I would like to paint our front door red but Joel doesn't want a red door. I might just have to do it when Joel is gone at work.

Sean Albertson said...


Nice room, I like it alot, just one question though...... What happened to that bed? I might need a place to sleep when I wind up on your doorstep......


Stacey J. said...

We have a whole other room for you to sleep.

Stacey J. said...

Annie~ decorating when their gone is the best time!!