Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11th
Here is Tom Cruise in his pre-lunacy phase
Here is my son dressed in the same attire...which do you think is better looking. I of course think my son is much cuter than Tom Cruise (but that's because Tom Cruise is much shorter than me and had we ever met in real life it never would have worked out between us.)

Parker is a major dancer these days (but only if he's holding his beloved Elmo.) He has to be holding onto something because he gets a little out of control sometimes.

and I know I always complain about no smiles...well I got one without even trying.


Kara said...

Parker is way cuter, hands down. Tom Cruise went nutso and he lost all his attractive atributes- but I would've voted for Parker anyway. :)

Jennifer Walsh said...

I agree Parker is way cuter!!
And there are those teefers!!!
Love that one!!!